Where did all the toilet paper go?

That's what I am hearing and seeing on social media. First off, I'll tell you, this house has toilet paper. We are good for a few weeks. To be absolutely honest, my sister and I did a big shop last week. We bought a Costco size pack of toilet paper and split it between our households. Preparation, for anything, is key. Again, I live in an earthquake zone and 1km from a "tank farm". Things could go south fast. We went shopping and we bought a lot. While we were there the toilet paper sold out. The gloves sold out. The bleach sold out. The hand sanitiser sold out. Noodle bowls sold out. It was a surreal experience. Cart to cart traffic. Packed in like sardines. I told my sister it felt like shopping on Commercial Street in Bangalore and then laughed because it really wasn't. A good one quarter of the shoppers had masks on and probably half of those people were also wearing gloves. It was slow going and we never stopped our cart to grab something. We couldn't, the people in front and behind would keep everyone moving. One of us drove and the other wiggled around to get to whatever item we were buying. When we got to the cashier I was quick to mention that everyone was so polite considering the crowds. They were surprised because apparently there was a fight at the entrance, apparently at the nitrile gloves. What a world we live in. A bunch of privileged people who can afford Costco, fighting over gloves that are not even necessary unless YOU are sick or you are caring for someone that is. The best way to protect yourself and your family is by washing your hands frequently and teaching them the same skills.

So hold up folks! Prepare but there is no need to freak out. Fear of this thing will only make it worse. If we keep buying all the things at the same time we have shortages. We don't like shortages. Shortages will make life difficult and in the West we are not used to shortages. Slow down. Buy the toilet paper, sure. In fact, the government says to buy the toilet paper. However, like all things, moderation is the bomb. So I say.

We didn't hoard the toilet paper but I certainly considered it.

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