Water, jaw, breathe

Alright, I just finished the first yoga practice I have done in over 2 months. Maybe I did yoga in the few weeks before my surgery, I cannot remember. However, today I did it and it was 40 minutes of pure hell and pure pleasure. I seem to like that combination these days. It makes me feel alive.

Anyway, yesterday/last post I got super serious and vulnerable and gave a tiny bit Too Much Information. That's what you get when you visit me. I'm blunt. I remember my mom mentioning that a lot throughout the years.

I mentioned at the end of the post that I had learned some things over the last while that I believe are vital to good mental and physical health. The basis of good health even.

Here are the three ideas that I find compelling and important in my healing and health.

First, breathe. You think you are breathing right now and you sort of are, but perhaps you are breathing enough to keep your systems going. What we need is to breathe so deeply that our blood is so oxygenated that the oxygen reaches every cell in our bodies. Breathing slows down our thoughts and our heart rates. By breathing I mean taking a deep breath right into the belly, holding it, and letting go slowly and audibly. Try it. If you aren't used to breathing like this start slow. Three breaths when you think of it. When I am afraid or angry I try to take those three cleansing breaths and then seven more for good measure.

Keep your jaw slack. Seriously. Stop clenching your teeth. It's messing up how your mouth works and ruining your teeth. It might be giving you TMJ too, and that sucks. There is another reason to stop clenching your jaw. Ina May Gaskin, the pretty famous American midwife has a theory about keeping your jaw slack.

Ina May describes Sphincter Law in her Guide to Childbirth. She says that “each sphincter's job is to relax and expand so that it can comfortably and wide enough allow the passage of whatever must move through.”

When you clench your jaw everything else tightens up. That's not good. I'm not going to go into this into too much depth but I've hopefully given you enough information on the Sphincter Law for you to go look it up. I'll say one last thing on that topic,

"Something as simple as taking a deep breath, relaxing your jaw, or saying to yourself, ""release"", can make things happen naturally and a little faster".

The last thing is water. Water is life. Water is a mystery and baffling to science. We are 70% water. Some of you may know that I am an activist and I protect water, but sometimes I forget it's power too.

When I am having a bad day and nothing is going right I try to stop, breathe, unclench my jaw and drink a large glass of cool water. You know how you feel and act when you are dehydrated? That's because your brain noodle is not hydrated. It gets dry and crispy (metaphorically. I am not a doctor) and doesn't work the way it's supposed to.

Interestingly, of course, all three of these ideas were mentioned in my yoga practice today. I wonder why. Not really, I know why, but I am being facetious.

I plan on delving into these three more in the near future.

Have a great day!



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