Wash your Hands

How prepared are you for an emergency situation? Where do you live? What kinds of emergencies happen where you are? Do you have enough food and water? Are your plans for shelter viable? Do you have enough medicines and/or cleaners? What are you going to do for child or elder care if an emergency happens. Here, in British Columbia we are waiting on "THE BIG ONE". The whole West Coast of the Americas is waiting for that one. Apparently, it is overdue and it has that possibility, nay, probability of causing a lot of damage and upheaval.

Here in our home, we are fairly prepared. I grew up LDS, but no longer share those beliefs so had my name stricken from the records. If you need to know what that is or how to do it, contact me and I will my best to help you with that. Not that there is anything wrong with the Church, it's just not for me. However, I digress. The LDS church teaches preparedness so I guess it was imprinted on my brain. Recently I purchased a four person earthquake emergency kit. It's got everything you need for 72 hours for 4 people. Food, water, water tablets, equipment to build shelter, first aid kit, radio, etc. Shortly after that, I won a contest and the prize was another, even better, 4 person emergency kit. From the same company I purchased the first kit from, I bought 3 big containers of freeze dried food for a total of about 90 meals. Our family also has good camping equipment and are covered for shelter, cooking equipment, and bedding if needed. We have weapons that are not guns which is good, in case they are ever needed.

All that, and I still didn't feel prepared when Covid 19 became a thing and so close to a pandemic. I had to get moving and quick but I sort of felt like one of those people that panics at the first sight of an emergency, but I wanted to be prepared. Not afraid or manic, but prepared. I got a bad case of the "what ifs". What if our roommate's day program shut down? Then he is home for the duration. Same thing if my husband's company had to close for awhile. Or if one of us, knock on wood, were to get sick. Or businesses just closed? So, I got my troops together. Well really, I made plans with my sister to go to Costco to get some of the things we might need. Boy did we stock up. We are both so incredibly ready. Our focus was on not getting bored or sad so chocolate happened. Trail mix and Clif bars for the win! We grabbed a huge package of toilet paper to share between our homes and before we left Costco they were out of tp. And bleach. And Purell. We didn't even grab bleach. We have enough I guess. No Purell either. We are going to wash our hands and use Young Living's newly designated hand sanitizer, Thieves.

It feels a bit strange to have done that but better to be safe than sorry they say. Whoever "they" are. It would suck to have to eat only rice and potatoes if things get hairy. Stay Safe and WASH YOUR HANDS.



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