Trauma, we all have it. Right now, we all are experiencing a similar trauma. Some of us have it "easy" and some of us are having a really difficult time. It doesn't matter your circumstances. You will still have some underlying trauma from the pandemic.

The trauma will manifest in different ways for different people.

Right now, I will remind people that I am not a trained professional in this field. The letters you don't see behind my name mean that I am an educator, not a counselor. However, I AM a healer and I read and study. I have learned enough to know that we each will have different challenges when it comes to this pandemic.

Just this morning I was speaking with a girlfriend via facetime. She mentioned that she has been having some difficulties during the pandemic. They were sleep or activity related, it's her story to tell, not mine. When I reminded her that she is suffering trauma she sort of laid out her "blessings" and why she shouldn't be suffering like this. We are all human. At least I think we are. Every person is suffering some sort of loss. Maybe it's their job. Maybe it's school. I can guarantee they have lost connection with others. Even if you have enough food. There is the worry that what you want or need will not be there next time. Even if you have activities and things to do at home, that wears thin after awhile. You can like or love your roommate, lover, husband, friend, kids, whoever you are with, but tensions will run high.

We are longing for the connection with others. We are longing to see the sparkle in someone's eye. We are longing to laugh at a joke in the same time period. We are longing to hold our loved ones. I am so relieved that my husband and I truly love each other and actually like spending time together. I am also relieved that we know how to give each other space. My husband is still working. He worries about the other worker's health, taking his own precautions, and even if the factory will be open next week.

Yes, there are concerns and they will manifest.

You may be sleeping more, or less, or waking up in the night. You may be easily distracted and not be able to stay on task. You might be engaging in every hobby or activity you've ever dreamed of trying. What? Who says you can't learn to learn to ferment veggies, make mead, Marie Kondo your house, grow a garden, redecorate, build a gazebo, get chickens, get bees, bake sourdough, ALL in the same day? Hey, you are doing too much and you need to chill out, buddy. Maybe you are tired right after you wake up. You don't get dressed. Whatever, it's manifesting and that is completely normal. You are human.

We only need to do this a bit longer. Put on a mask. It won't kill you, I promise.

And then the doorbell rang and it was a maskless Boomer.

Mask up!



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