Title of Catchiness

I'm feeling goofy. That's kind of a good thing I guess. Everything is so serious right now and for a moment, it feels good to feel some silliness.

Last week I made the YouTube video below. I was so tired and still am. Sometimes it's so hard to stay happy and last week was one of those times. I realized that I was try to do too much. I had too many new projects going at once. Most of them were started near the beginning of the pandemic or shortly before. Trying to do too much right now is just too much.

After a good chat with my hubby where he supported me in adjusting my perspective, I gave myself permission to do less. Nobody was making me do any of these things. I don't have deadlines. In fact, these projects are all creative

and I owe nothing to nobody. Here I was, digging myself into a deep hole, thinking I was not accomplishing anything. True, I had so many new projects going that I couldn't give very much attention to any of them. It started feeling like a chore. There was one specific task that I just couldn't seem to master. I am an intelligent person. It shouldn't be that hard. I was dwelling on this task so I didn't do anything.

Well, once I gave myself permission to drop some of the seven or eight different projects, my belly started to untangle. My breathing slowed. My heart rate slowed. Everything started to slow down. Slowing down to stillness. Quiet.

This is one of the projects I dropped.

This time I wanted to come here and write. Like, really wanted to. I hope someone finds value in contemplating this story. My wish is that we all try not to do too much right now. Don't rush into things. Try not to take on too much. There is going to be a lot to do. For all of us. Just please, take your time. Meditate. Breathe.



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