Time to relax and just be.

Seriously, what else are you going to do? Sit in fear and worry and waste all that energy?

Like I said, it's really time to relax and just be. That or you could do something. Do something for yourself, your home, family, friends, the planet. Anything.

Not only will it keep your mind occupied you may have made your life prettier, easier, more connected.

I've recently found a lost love for macrame. I was raised in the 70's. That the 1970's of course. There were a lot of hippies in my life. I was surrounded by them. My Mama was a hippie and most of her friends were that and or University students. There was a lot of macrame and it was a skill every kid knew, at least the square knot. Anyway, the other day I found a stick, cut up some yarn, and knotted a wall hanging.

At Forest Song, we try to be aware of our feelings and thoughts. I found that my feelings and thoughts were running away from me. My body is restless. My mind is restless. I needed meditation. However, I wanted to meditate with other people. I really enjoy the conversation afterwards. It's fun to share what you've learned or that you are deeply relaxed. I couldn't find a group that was working together so I started TWO. Go hard or go home I guess.

I'm going to keep sharing myself and learning new skills. The thing is, I am growing the person I want to be when this is all over.

It's all about the love.

Don't talk moistly.

Wash your hands.

Stay Safe!

I love you.



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