This time it will thrive.

Spring is here and it smells so good. With less traffic these days the air smells fresher than it has in years. Everything is green and growing and I am excited. Everything grows for me now. My black thumb is gone. This is ever so exciting for me as up until about two years ago every plant I brought into the house has withered and died within weeks. Same for the garden. Well, things have changed. Green things WANT to grow for me. All will be different now. I won’t be going away for a month. I won’t be having renovations and need to move out for a month. That’s been my last two summers. id have everything lush and verdant. Then go away. I couldn’t expect others to take up my slack so my gardens suffered. This season I get to stay home. Infact, I have to stay home. I see good green things in my future. More on this later.

What are you growing in your garden? Do you have a green thumb? What is your favourite thing to grow?



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