Pobodie's Nerfect

Certainly, I am not perfect. I have this awesome planner. It's really a life planner. There is a journaling section with useful prompts. Then there is the weekly and monthly parts of the planner. When I use the planner, called MindPlanner, I get things done. In fact, I get ALL the things done. There is no stopping me when I actually get the planning done. The thing is, like most people, I don't get the planning done. I forget about it. I get too tired at night and don't do it and then I plummet into a state of shame and then because I don't have anything planned in my book, I don't have anything planned at all. Or I forget that I have appointments. That happens more than I would like to admit.

I'll tell you this though. This time, right before I started typing today's blog, I planned for today. I made it extra good by entering things I have already done so that I could cross them off and have a sense of accomplishment. And I do. I feel like I have done some things today. It's just 10 am and already I have woken up (I'll take it!), walked and fed the dog, checked the fish, supported my roommate to get his day started, had a business meeting, recorded and published a video on YouTube, and started writing this. Oh, I made coffee too. Listen, sometimes you have to write down every accomplishment, however small, to feel like you are doing something and that's okay. Whatever makes you tick.

Back to the planner. For most of my life I've been living an "off the cuff" sort of life. Bending wherever the wind blew. I'm in my fifties now though, so really, the time I have for planning is getting shorter and shorter. It's time to do the thing and do it well. It doesn't have to be perfect. Perfection is overrated. Be excellent. The good thing about being excellent is that you are the only one that can truly gauge that and I promise you, you are excellent too. Let's be excellent together. Today.



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