I am Tavin (sometimes Sparrow), daughter of Paulette. Just daughter of Paulette. I am starting fresh, a new beginning. I embarking on a journey to health and well being. Do not mistake me, my life is excellent. I am beyond blessed and privileged there is no doubt. We all have some journey or many journeys. This is mine.

My mother left us far too early. She was only 71 years young when she passed. So beautiful. No one ever guessed that Mom was a day over 60. Paulette was something. She was stronger than any person I've known. We were never as close as we could have been and I miss that every day. She was loving and incredibly intelligent and funny. My Mom was pretty cool and very depressed. Depression paralyzed my Mom. It got to the point where she sat in her computer room and chain smoked all day. She lived with chronic pain. My mother died with cancer wracking her body. Cancers that had been attacking her for months, maybe years, and she didn't tell anyone. This woman who taught my siblings and me about the world, love, culture, foods, adventure, never went anywhere. Never did anything. She was so sad.

I'll become sad if I think about it too long so I will tell you about this journey that I have already started. It started about a month ago. My goal is to be the best person I can be. I want to live as long as I can and enjoy my family and friends, and especially grandbabies. My mom had grandchildren and great grandchildren that will never know her so I pledge to gather her stories so that they know their ancestor. I will keep my body strong by eating correctly for my body and making it work hard and get stronger. My pledge is also to be a life long learner and learn as much as I can about every thing I can, because she did that, and she instilled it in all her children. I will adventure.

My journey is to my Mom, A Journey to Paulette.



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