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Never before have I started the Yule/Christmas season this early. EVER. So much for my living in the moment. Haha.

There is a "rule" in our house. It's really more respect than anything. Yule cannot begin until after Remembrance Day has come and gone. It has. Yesterday.

Today, my house smells and sounds like the holidays. I have a nice spicy seasonal blend going in the diffusers. Google Assistant is helping me by blasting out the Christmas songs upstairs. My roommate is in his element. He is so happy I started this morning. We made plans to either bake (tricky) or purchase sugar cookies to decorate in the next week. There are decorations to make and to hang. This is going to be so much fun and you know what? We need it.

I'm glad I started this early. My poor husband.

Maybe I will finish the Nordic cross stitch I started last year. Maybe.


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