It hurts

I needed to write something today and I am still, as I am writing, figuring out what I am going to write. It's been a painful couple of months. I had surgery in June and I am still recovering from that. My body hasn't had enough yet, so it infected three teeth, all on it's own! Precious huh.

This is ridiculous. I am not sure if I have every felt this much pain and discomfort for so long and at such an intensity. I want to be done with it. To be "done with it" I've been trying "mind over matter".

Yeah, I am trying to convince myself that I don't hurt so that I can get on with regular life.

Regular life, what is that? I used to know. We all used to know.

To be honest, like you, I am taking it one day at a time. I am breathing into the pain to loosen it up a little and make life a bit sweeter. That and ice cream.

Really don't know what to say here except what I've said. Perhaps I will write again later. :)

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