I would clone myself

Now that I am a writer I have to figure out how to be a writer. Writing takes work and it takes time. Not only am I writing a book, I have an essay to write on a deadline. I've found myself writing some poetry (which I shared on the previous post). Other activities take time as well. Other things like my job which is pretty much 24/7 these days. My job is supporting a person with a developmental challenge. He lives with my husband and I. It's a lot of work. Fulfilling work, but work just the same.

This house doesn't keep itself clean. I did design a house like that when I was 9 or 10 years old,but to date, no one had contacted me for development. There cooking and cleaning and making this place a sanctuary. Really. Part of our home is a multi purpose space, one of the purposes is as sacred space. Here we do our group work, any ceremonies we are sharing, and I do healing work in this space. It must be clean and pleasing to the eye, or it's purpose is sort of lost.

I would clone myself if I could so that one body was furiously typing or zooming along writing with a pen and paper and the other was visiting with friends and family, petting the pets, and walking the trails around my home. There are many pursuits that I'd love to be doing rather than sitting in this chair getting a sore bum. Sore bum be damned, it's the only way that book is going to get written.

Since I cannot clone myself for the foreseeable future I am going to have schedule my time. That is not my forte. It is just another one of the many aspects of the new world I am creating for myself. If I don't know it, and I want to be able to be somewhat proficient, I have to learn it. I guess it's time to google "bullet journal". I hear that's a great way to get your life sorted. I also hear that you can over bullet journal. I cannot see that happening to me.

Over and out for now.

Remember you are worthy.



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