Hard things

As of tomorrow, I am going into my 6th week of the physical part of my journey. Currently, I work-out seven days a week and sometimes twice a day. My morning looks like get up and do whatever you do in the bathroom, including teeth brushing. Then I go downstairs and set up the yoga mat for me and if my husband is home, I set up his as well. If he is home, he walks the dog while I set up. If he is at work, the dog gets his walk after my workout. DDPY exercise system is the one that we use most days. It is a combination of yoga, pilates, and isometrics. DDPY even has a cardio element. After I have completed the workout, I drink a tall glass of water and put my shoes on. Depending on my pain levels the water may have cbd in it.

I intermittent fast for the diet portion. By diet, I don't mean limiting my foods at all. I only limit the times that I eat. For the most part I am doing a 16:8 program. I break my fast at noon, eat whatever I want all day, and stop eating at 8pm. Having said that I eat whatever I want all day I should also mention that since I started this 6 weeks ago, my sugar cravings have lessened. On Fridays I eat later and also have an adult beverage.

Since, by this time, I have already put my shoes on I generally take the dog for his first or an additional walk. Spoiled thing. No, really he is.

Walking has become a life line for me. I really enjoy walking when it is still dark outside. Still quiet. It's glorious to watch the sun rise and see Mount Baker off in the distance on clear days.

I'm working on having the strongest body I can have so that I can adventure with my husband, my dog, and soon my grandbabies. It is hard to be on this journey at my age and physical shape, but I like hard things. ;) It takes constant vigilance to not eat my feelings or to blithely just not workout.

There is so much to see and do in my neck of the woods and I am not going to sit idly by and let it go to waste. Let's get up and go!


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I am Tavin (sometimes Sparrow), daughter of Paulette. Just daughter of Paulette. I am starting fresh, a new beginning. I embarking on a journey to health and well being. Do not mistake me, my life is



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