Green Thumb

I've been working out on my deck garden all morning. It's not huge but it is a fair size. My garden has a few permanent fixtures, such as my oak tree. I love that oak tree. Someone else left it on the deck to wither and die in the south facing sun. Our home is on the side of a little (but absolutely real) mountain. When I moved in, the tiny little oak was probably up to my waist and it was awfully sickly. It's branches looked like twigs and there was only a few spindly little leaves on them. Not sure what to do, I created some space with shade where the oak's leaves wouldn't burn and the roots wouldn't dry out. I watered it once a week and it grew and it grew. Now, this oak lives happily in a container on my deck. It probably could use another container but time gets away from me.

We also have a Yew tree and a Lilac tree on the deck. The Yew tree was also left here to die and I nursed it back to health as well. That tree has been so good to us, coming in every December for Yule, and then going back outside. The Lilac tree was at the garden store and it looked to pitiful. Lilac was my Mother-in-Law's favourite tree and when he saw it all alone in that space, he knew we had to take it home. I can see that that one is healthy and hale as well. I keep them sort of "bonsai"d" for the lack of a better term. We trim them and their roots every few seasons to be sure they are still happy in their pots.

The trees would be lonely without the clematis that comes back every year. We have two types and one is beginning to grow and sprout leaves already. The clematis is my husband's. We take almost the same delight in caring for our plants. Every year we choose bee, butterfly, and hummingbird friendly flowers to enliven the space with colour and the little beasties. Speaking of the beasties, we have a hummingbird feeder and two mason bee homes we take care of. Caring for the little creatures is vital to our continued existence so it's pretty damned important to us that we have various flowers for them. There are so many pots out there that are empty and waiting for new plants to join us. I can't wait. My thumb has turned green.



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