Day 1138 of Self Isolation

It's been less than a month and I am going a little stir crazy. There are things that I am trying to do and things I am trying not to do. The main thing is to not let despair get the better of me. To that I just have to keep moving. Whether that movement is physical or mental, I have to keep moving.

My husband is still working in at a window making factory and I am not so sure that it is an essential service. I try not to be angry about that.

My son is still working in construction and I am not sure that is an essential service either. I try not to freak out about that.

My other son works in grocery so I try not to think of that too much.

My sister is a bus driver. Don't even think about. Or I try not to because if I do I will fall apart.

I can't find hand sanitizer or sanitzing wipes but we are making do. Sadly it's with bleach for the most part but you do what you can do with what you've got.

People are starting to imagine slights against themselves in what would seem to be harmless humour. For example, there is a meme going around about introverts having to check on their extroverts and there are people that are actually freaking out about it. "I'm an extrovert and I am just fine" when you know they really aren't.

For the most part I am just trying to get through my day without harming my roommate or my husband. That's all.

This is all drivel, but it's something. It's documentation about this crisis that I can handle. For today.

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